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Working for the Forest Service

A Career Working for the Great Outdoors
"Where conflicting interests must be reconciled, the question will always be decided from the standpoint of the greatest good for the greatest number in the long run."

Gifford Pinchot, First Chief,
Forest Service, 1905-1910

A Forest Service career will put you on the front lines of conservation, intelligent resource utilization and wildland management. The challenge is to help manage the nation's forests, ranges and wetlands in ways that are most environmentally responsible, sustainable for the long term, and most effective for the American citizens who use them.

Since 1905, our employees have been meeting that mission. But today, more excitement, greater challenges, and more career variety than ever before await those who join the nation's premier forest management agency. Are you up to the challenge?

The USDA Forest Service is constantly moving forward. Our core responsibility is sound and scientific focus on stewardship and sustainability of the land, water and communities, but the way we deliver that to the public is changing every day. Exciting advances in science and technology, communications, national and global priorities, and public expectations are opening new vistas for Forest Service employees. A career with us will allow you to take advantage of all these.

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Our Mission

Choose a Career Guided by a Greater Mission
Caring for the Land and Serving People is our mission. And we're committed to upholding it through everything that we do. We are mandated by law to achieve quality land management under the "sustainable multiple-use management concept" to meet the diverse needs of people while protecting the resource. It might sound like a complicated concept, but for Forest Service employees, it means participating in the following tangible activities every day:

  • Advocating a conservation ethic in promoting the health, productivity, diversity, and beauty of forests and associated lands.
  • Listening to people and responding to their diverse needs when making decisions.
  • Protecting and managing the national forests and grasslands so that they best demonstrate the sustainable multiple-use management concept.
  • Providing technical and financial assistance to State and private forest landowners, encouraging them to practice good stewardship and quality land management in meeting their specific objectives.
  • Providing international technical assistance to cities and urban communities to improve their natural environment by planting trees and caring for their forests.
  • Helping States and communities to use the forests wisely in order to promote rural economic development and a sound and healthy rural environment.
  • Developing and providing scientific and technical knowledge aimed at improving our capability to protect, manage, and use forests and rangelands.
  • Providing opportunities for work, training, and education to the unemployed, underemployed, youth, senior citizens and disadvantaged through partnerships and volunteer projects that support our mission.
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Our Locations

Working Outdoors All Across America
In every forest, wetland, grassland or range across the country, Forest Service has a presence. That means that wherever we are, you can be, too. Explore our interactive map to learn more about where you can serve in the Forest Service.

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Oregon, Washington Idaho, Montana, Western Wyoming North Dakota, South Dakota, Eastern Montana, Northern Nebraska and Eastern Wyoming Northern California, Nevada Southern California New Mexico, Arizona Colorado, Utah Great Lakes States Atlantic States Mid Atlantic States Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama Arkansas, Eastern Texas, Missouri Louisiana, Mississippi, Southeast Texas Puerto Rico Illinois Western Alaska Southeast Alaska Nebraska National Forest


Working for the Forest Service
Our Mission
Our Locations (Map)

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