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Presidential Management Fellows
The Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) program serves as an innovative way to recruit new and young talent into the agency. The program attracts highly qualified persons with graduate degrees from a variety of academic disciplines, and prepares them to be effective leaders and managers.

Presidential Management Fellows (PMFs) are identified by the Office of Personnel Management as individuals with leadership potential. OPM uses a national competitive process that gauges competency in critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and commitment to public service.

Presidential Management Fellows have diverse sets of qualifications and backgrounds. PMFs include graduates of public policy, business management, natural resource management, law, public administration, and others. All PMFs have graduate degrees, either at the Master’s or Doctoral level. The PMF program provides an additional staffing tool to enhance the diversity and quality of the Forest Service workforce. The Forest Service intends to emphasize the leadership development and training aspects of the program to ensure Fellows are well prepared to compete for permanent placements in the agency and have a strong foundation to begin their careers as managers and leaders.

The Forest Service has increased its use of the PMF program to bring new leaders on board. Masters and PhD students from a range of disciplines, as well as JD students, are encouraged to apply. The application process begins in the fall of each year, finalists are usually announced in late January, and fellowships typically begin in the summer and fall of that application year. More detailed information on the application process and timeline can be found on the OPM PMF website.

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