Discover the Forest

Open on family sitting in their living room, all on different electronics. Phone, TV, Computer.

Door bell rings. Continue with sounds of electronics. Family is oblivious.

Doorbell continues to ring, we see a paw ring it the last time.

Finally front door is knocked down and the family is in shock, as we see a bear, a raccoon, a turkey and a porcupine all standing at the threshold.

Wolf honks from the driverís seat of the van, and the raccoon whistles for the family to get in.

Title: Unplug

Van takes off and knocks down garbage can. Inside, we see the family sitting. The four animals are across from them.

Title: And get to the forest.

Family gets out of van and explores an amazing forest. Scenic shots of forest throughout.

Daughter holds hands with mom, Father and son see a frog.

The family plays in a river.

Announcer: Getting closer to nature can get you closer to your family.

Title: Unplug. (SUPER: Ad Council Logo, US Forest Service Logo,

Announcer: Go to