HQ Employees

Name Title Email Phone Location
Doudrick, Rob Station Director rdoudrick@fs.fed.us 828-257-4300 Asheville, NC
Anderson, Jason Assistant Station Engineer jasonleeanderson@fs.fed.us 828-259-0515 | 828-712-1923 Asheville, NC
Bagwell, Colette Lead HR Specialist R&D Service Team colettelbagwell@fs.fed.us 828-259-0564 Asheville, NC
Bailey, Tina Human Resources/Civil Rights Lead tcbailey@fs.fed.us 828-257-4323 Asheville, NC
Baker, Sandy Program Support Assistant skbaker@fs.fed.us 828-257-4304 Asheville, NC
Blanks, Sheba HR Specialist R&D Service Team shebabblanks@fs.fed.us 828-259-0512 Asheville, NC
Blanton, Kevin Fleet & Equipment Manager kblanton@fs.fed.us 828-257-4345 Asheville, NC
Burnett, Donna Technical Publications Editor dburnett@fs.fed.us 828-257-4351 Asheville, NC
Cortes, Linda Office Automation Assistant lcortes@fs.fed.us 828-259-0568 Asheville, NC
Farmer, Sarah Science Writer sfarmer02@fs.fed.us 828-257-4302 Asheville, NC
Fernandez, Roger East Zone Voice Specialist rfernandez@fs.fed.us 828-257-4395 Asheville, NC
Friot, Keith AQM Group Leader kfriot@fs.fed.us 828-257-4292 Asheville, NC
Fulghum, Chandria Contract & Leasing Specialist cfulghum@fs.fed.us 828-257-4296 Asheville, NC
Gates, Shelly Budget Officer sgates@fs.fed.us 828-257-4289 Asheville, NC
Gay, Charles Safety Manager charliegay@fs.fed.us 828-259-0541 Asheville, NC
Griffin, Janet Layout Specialist janetgriffin@fs.fed.us 865-862-2079 Knoxville, TN
Hansen, Lynda Contract Specialist lhhansen@fs.fed.us 803-561-4015 Columbia, SC
Henthorne, Tim Electronics Technician thenthorne@fs.fed.us 828-257-4350 Asheville, NC
Hunsucker, Patsy Budget Analyst phunsucker@fs.fed.us 828-257-4379 Asheville, NC
Jackson, Gerry Assistant Station Director gjackson01@fs.fed.us 828-257-4308 Asheville, NC
Jackson, Teresa Public Affairs Specialist teresajackson@fs.fed.us 828-259-0516 Asheville, NC
James, Stephanie Employee Relations Specialist stephanieljames@fs.fed.us 828-257-4376 Asheville, NC
Jones, Jeremy Computer Specialist jeremyrjones@fs.fed.us 828-259-0518 Asheville, NC
McDonough, Ann IT Specialist amcdonough@fs.fed.us 828-257-4333 Asheville, NC
McDonough, Mark Station Engineer mjmcdonough@fs.fed.us 828-257-4851 828-215-6178 Asheville, NC
McLellan, Ricky Supervisory Contract Specialist rmclellan@fs.fed.us 503-808-2225 Asheville, NC
Mehaffey, John VLead Project Manager - Facilities Move Support Team jmehaffey@fs.fed.us 828-257-4396 Asheville, NC
Mulryne, Jeff CAD Operator jmulryne@fs.fed.us 828-257-4350 Asheville, NC
Mundy, Edward Visual Information Specialist eamundy@fs.fed.us 828-259-0572 Asheville, NC
Parks, Kim Grants Management Specialist kparks@fs.fed.us 828-259-0561 Asheville, NC
Parsell, Jennifer Executive Assistant to the Director jbparsell@fs.fed.us 828-257-4300 Asheville, NC
Richardson, Toni Information Technology Specialist tonirichardson@fs.fed.us 828-257-4363 Asheville, NC
Ricker, Kathy Management and Program Analyst kricker@fs.fed.us 828-257-4287 Asheville, NC
Robinson, Michael A. Team Leader - Internet marobinson@fs.fed.us 828-257-4237 Asheville, NC
Schwalbach, Monica Assistant Station Director mschwalbach@fs.fed.us 828-257-4305 Asheville, NC
Scott, Sarah Property Management Specialist sarahscott@fs.fed.us 828-257-4295 Asheville, NC
Simmons, Pearley Information Assistant psimmons@fs.fed.us 828-257-4365 Asheville, NC
Stuart, Maureen Team Leader - Publications mastuart@fs.fed.us 828-257-4847 Asheville, NC
Tolman, Darlene Grants Management Specialist dtolman@fs.fed.us 828-259-0528 Asheville, NC
Walker, Michael Purchasing Agent mwalker05@fs.fed.us 828-257-4290 Asheville, NC
Washington, Clauderene (Cookie) Purchasing Agent cwashington@fs.fed.us Asheville, NC
Woldu, Takele (TK) Contract Specialist twoldu@fs.fed.us 828-257-4205 Asheville, NC
Worley Firley, Stephanie Technical Editor sworleyfirley@fs.fed.us 828-257-4380 Asheville, NC